Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle Review

Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle Review

Just in case you have never used an electric kettle before, you are in for a real treat. Whereas boiling water on the stove can seem to take forever, electric kettles will get your water boiling hot in just minutes of flipping the on switch.

Electric kettles make your life easier on so many front. Not only are they great for almost instantaneously heating water for coffee, tea, or or other hot beverages like cocoa, they are also great for cooking. Cut the time that it would take to cook noodles, pasta, and hot cereal by using your electric kettle to heat up water faster, for you.

If you don’t already have an electric kettle in your kitchen, you are in for a nice treat. Today we are going to take a look at a promising electric kettle from Bella. Let’s take a look at this gorgeous and convenient ceramic electric kettle from Bella.

Bella 13724 Electric Ceramic Kettle

Who is it Made For?

This kettle is great for anyone who is in need of making their coffee, tea, or meals faster, with the convenience of getting piping hot water in minutes, with the simple push of a button. This particular model is also for anyone who wants to add a little style and panache to their kitchen with the eye-catching designs and colors that this kettle comes in.

Many basic models of kettles will come in a few different colors, or just your basic stainless steel so that it can blend into the surroundings of just about any kitchen. This ceramic kettle by Bella, is made with a beautiful, classic design element that will really make it pop and stand out in your kitchen.

Now, what this kettle offers in style, it does lack a little bit when it comes to features. Where other kettles in the same price range may offer settings like

  • Multiple different temperature settings for a variety of different beverage and cooking circumstances
  • A keep warm setting that will keep your water at the perfect temperature, that you set for it
  • A transparent plastic side so that you can see exactly how much water you are heating in your kettle

If you don’t need all of the additional settings that other kettles offer in terms of setting custom temperatures for different types of tea, coffee, noodles, pasta, cocoa, etc. and you want something with a little more flash and style, this may be the perfect kettle for you. It comes in several different colors and designs, so that you can make it fit perfectly with the color and design scheme of your kitchen.

Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle Features

Let’s have a look at this ceramic kettle and some of the wonderful and unique features that it has to offer.

Variety of Different Colors and Styles

The first thing that we love about this kettle and what makes it stand out the most is that it comes in so many different, chic colors and styles. This wonderful ceramic kettle comes in several different designs, colors, and patterns that include

  • Black Floral
  • Purple Diamond
  • Blue Aztec
  • Silver Tile
  • Red Diamond
  • Turquoise Tile
  • and Silver Chevron

You will just have to take a look at all the styles for yourself, to decide which one best fits in with the design and color scheme of your kitchen.

Simple One-Touch Design

One aspect of this kettle that you will really appreciate is the simplicity of its design. In essence, it is only two pieces, which include the heating base and the kettle itself. It uses a simple one touch design, so all you have to do is press the button on your kettle, and you will have hot water in just a matter of minutes. It also has a blue LED light built into the switch, so you can always tell when your kettle is on and running.

Powerful Heating Element

This ceramic kettle is built with an extremely powerful heating element to heat water as quickly and safely as possible. The 1200 watt heating element has the ability to boil water faster than the microwave, and is significantly safer than using your stove to boil water.

Long Gooseneck Spout

The long gooseneck spout is another useful and lovely feature that is included with this quaint kettle. This long spout is perfect for preventing any risk of spilling, and also slows the rate of powering so that you also pour the perfect amount of water for your cup of tea, french press of coffee, or for your oatmeal.

Fully Detachable Base

It is a nice touch that the base is completely detachable from the rest of the kettle. That means that as soon as your water is hot, you can remove the kettle to bring it into your table, living room, or outside on the patio. With a separate heating base, this mobile kettle is not restricted by any cables.


  • Gorgeous and classic design
  • Comes in a variety of colors and styles
  • Gooseneck spout allows for safe and accurate pouring
  • Fully detachable base for ultimate mobility
  • Simple one touch technology
  • Blue LED light on the base, so you always know when your kettle is on
  • Powerful heating element for quickly and safely boil water. No more forgetting about the pot or kettle on the stove


  • No real special added features
  • Does not have custom timers or temperatures

Feature Highlights

  • A design that really makes it stand out from other kettles
  • Blue LED light integrated into your on/off switch
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect for the design conscious
  • Gooseneck for making pouring easy and safe
  • Detachable base for ultimate convenience
  • Powerful heating element can boil water in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ceramic glaze lead free?

Are there any plastic pieces on the kettle that come into contact with the water?

Final Verdict

Mostly, this is a great kettle for the stylish and design conscious. We love the variety of colors and styles that it comes in, and the gooseneck spout is a nice design element and functional touch. As long as you don’t mind it having custom temps and timers, this could be a great kettle for you.

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