Elechomes CK1701 Electric Water Kettle Review

Elechomes CK1701 Electric Water Kettle Review

Nothing makes for a perfect start or end to your day like a hot beverage in a mug. You may love coffee, tea, or cocoa, but the ritual is the same: put the kettle on and make yourself a steaming cup of serenity. Some of us indulge in this ritual daily, while others are more infrequent. For those of us that can’t get started or go to sleep without that first/last mug, this Elechomes CK1701 Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle is sure to be just the thing for making your perfect start or end to every day Take a look..

Elechomes CK1701 Electric Water Kettle

Who is it made for?

This elegant electric kettle is designed for anyone that needs a large quantity of hot or boiling water that can be prepared quickly and safely in just a few minutes. This kettle is perfect for lovers of French press coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate as it can have it ready quickly and without the safety hazards or excessive energy use of a stovetop kettle or a microwave.

Elechomes CK1701 Electric Water Kettle Features

Smart Keep Warm Function

Definitely the best feature of this kettle, Smart Keep Warm allows you keep water hot enough to brew a fresh cup of a hot beverage or more instant soup without waiting for the kettle to heat up again. This makes it ideal for parents of young children who may want a second serving after you’ve already made one, or for college students who decide that another cup of noodles would really hit the spot. It is also an exceptionally useful feature when entertaining guests for making another pot of tea or another press full of coffee.

Triple-Layer Anti-Scald Insulation

While this kettle gets your water nice and hot, it doesn’t heat up the exterior surface at all. The stainless steel layer has its heat dissipated by the insulating layer, and the outer veneer stays cold to the touch thanks to the insulation between it and the stainless steel interior. That means it is safe to handle even after it has just finished heating up. That makes it safe to have at the table or on the counter even with little ones around.

Ergonomic Design is Easy on The Hands and Shoulders

The CK1701 rests on a cordless base that provides it with a full 360 degree swivel capability so you can shift it to the most convenient angle for pickup. The curve of the handle makes it easy to lift and pour without straining, and the opening is large for easier refilling and rinsing. Additionally, the circular base secures the kettle during operation, keeping it stable even as it boils with no worry about tangling the cord in something on your way to pour or while pouring.

The Safest Kettle Ever

Not only does the Elechome CK1701 automatically shut off when the water reaches a boil, but it also has a never-boil-dry feature that also detects when the kettle is empty and powers it down as well. It also has a steam induction valve for preventing boiler leaks, an insulated fuse for power surges, and safety locking lid to prevent accidental spills. All in all, it is difficult to find a safer or better designed electric kettle for your home.

Attractive Design

The overall aesthetic of this delightful kettle is to give it a retro feel, making use of a geometric tile design and a faux enamel finish so that it projects a midcentury modern look. Beneath the stately, modern exterior though is cutting edge safety and heating technology that allows this kettle to be far more energy efficient and safer than that kettle patterns it was designed to mimic. You could not ask for a more elegant or excellent kettle for your home.


  • Quick and easy hot water
  • Safety conscious design inside and out
  • Comfortable to use
  • Cold to the touch even when in operation
  • Can keep water hot even when it is not boiling


  • Overall midcentury modern design may not be to every owner’s taste
  • Kettle is taller than many similar models, making it difficult to store in certain types of cabinets
  • Kettle can be accidentally switched on when resting in the power pedestal
  • Power pedestal cord is relatively short, so it must be used as close as possible to an outlet.

Feature Highlights

  • Smart Keep Warm Feature
  • Cold-Touch exterior
  • Ergonomic cordless design
  • Numerous safety features
  • Attractive mid century modern design

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many watts is this kettle?

Q. Does this kettle heat water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit?

Q. Is this product BPA free?

Final Verdict

Altogether, if you are in need of a high quality kettle for quickly boiling quantities of water for tea, coffee, cocoa, or soup, the Elechome CK 1701 definitely fits the bill as one of the best overall electric kettles money can buy. The Smart Keep Warm feature, cool touch exterior surface, cordless design, and numerous safety features all make it an ideal first choice for the kettle to keep in your kitchen or breakfast nook.

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