Hamilton Beach 40894 Electric Kettle Review

Hamilton Beach 40894 Electric Kettle Review

Few home appliances make life as convenient as an electric kettle. Whether you are a fan of making hot or iced tea, French press coffee, or you just have to have the cup of cocoa with the little marshmallows in it on a snowy day, an electric kettle makes everything easier when it comes to heating water quickly and efficiently. A key component to getting the most out of your electric kettle is finding just the right one to fit your lifestyle, your kitchen space, and your needs. Fortunately, the Hamilton Beach 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 40894 is the ideal kettle for any household.

Hamilton Beach 40894 Electric Kettle

Who is it made for?

This kettle is primarily designed for family households, but it is also an excellent addition to the kitchen of an any shared living space or student apartment. Fixing a cup of noodles or a cup of tea takes mere minutes, and it can be prepared safely and easily thanks to its innovative design.

Hamilton Beach 40894 Electric Kettle Features

Cord Free Serving

One disadvantage of traditional electric kettles is that the cord had to be unplugged and dragged behind when you went to pour hot water into your teapot, French coffee press, or instant mashed potatoes. With the 40894 though, this is no longer a concern as the design is entirely cordless for the kettle itself. Power for the heating element is supplied via the circular pedestal that acts as a dock for the kettle and heating element. When your water is ready, all you have to do is pick it up and pour.

Auto Shutoff/Boil Dry Protection

Many persons avoid using a stovetop kettle because of the safety hazards involved. Stovetop kettles get very hot, if you leave the kettle on the stove too long it boils dry and burns the minerals in your water to the bottom of the kettle, and it has more potential to cause serious burns due to spillage. However, as soon as your water reaches the boiling point, the electric kettle shuts off to prevent water from boiling dry or damaging the kettle.

Concealed Heating Element

The heating coil for this kettle is completely enclosed by a tough, heat resistant plastic lining that connects it safely to the circular power pedestal. The internal base of the kettle is protected from direct contact with the element, and the external base’s only exposure for electrical current is the metal docking plug in the base. All you need to do to safely boil water is to place the kettle on the pedestal, flip the switch, and all of the most dangerous elements of your electric kettle are safely insulated from accidental exposure.

1500 Watts of Power

Think your microwave oven is faster for boiling water? Not with this electric kettle. This unit can draw up to 1500 watts into its heating element, allowing it to heat water to boiling in less time than a comparably powered microwave. It also has the added benefit of being safer to use than a microwave due to its concealed heating element and cordless design. You also don’t need an oven mitt to pick it up and pour your hot water like you do with a container from the microwave.

Convenient Footprint and Water Level Display

Not only is this kettle and pedestal set the perfect size for just about any kitchen countertop, it also has an easy to read water level display on the side. This allows you to check how much water is already in the kettle, how much you’ve poured out, or only fill your kettle with as much water as you need for your desired container. Having just the right amount of water makes boiling time faster and pouring significantly safer due to the reduced likelihood of overfilling.


  • No cord to tangle when pouring
  • High powered fast boiling kettle
  • Concealed heating element
  • Kettle lid is removable for faster filling


  • Pedestal cord is short
  • On/off switch can turn on by accident if base is left plugged in
  • Exterior sides of the kettle are not insulated and get very hot

Feature Highlights

  • Cordless pouring design
  • Auto shutoff for boil dry protection-Separate power pedestal makes serving safer and easier
  • Powerful, fully enclosed 1500 watt heating element
  • Drip free spout makes pouring fast and tidy-Boils water faster than both your microwave and stovetop
  • Bullet Point 2

FAQ - Some Questions and Answers

Q: Is the kettle stainless steel inside and out?

Q: Does the handle interfere with refilling this kettle?

Q. Does this kettle affect the taste of the water when brand new?

Final Verdict

This Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is ideal for any kitchen in frequent need of boiling water quickly, easily, and safely. The stainless steel chamber and the high power 1500 watt enclosed heating element can heat the full 1.7 liters of water in just minutes, and the easy pour spout and cordless design make adding hot water to any dish or cup a breeze. If you are in need of a high quality electric kettle that provides exceptional value and convenience, the Hamilton Beach 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 40894 should be your first choice.

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